Worship, Inspiration and Encouragement

psalm 138.7-8His Name is “Life”

The Lord will vindicate me; Your love, Lord, endures forever — Do not abandon the works of your hands.  (Psalm 138:8)

Is your heart troubled?  Where do you turn for comfort and encouragement?

At a very young age, during the Vietnam War era, I feel in love with a wonderful Solider Boy.  After we were married he whisked my off our Family’s Mid-west Farm where I grew up, to the streets of New Jersey where he was stationed on a Military Base.  This was the first of many moves to come.

This life was so unfamiliar to me.  On the Farm my Dad was always home at 5pm for Supper.  But throughout the first years of our life together, my Solider was busy protecting our Country.  Oh at the times I experience so much deep loneliness!  I was one frightened little girl, with no one to run to?  I felt as if I had been dropped off the face of the earth!  But one lesson I learned during those dark moments of heartache, has stuck with me all through life … “Always turn to the “Bible” for comfort and love.”  GOD sees, HE knows, HE Cares!!

Over the past years of my journey in life I have faced many a trial, but I can honestly say I have found the Lord is my faithful Friend!!  HIS Word never fails, it is Powerful, Faithful and True!!

The years somehow seem to have flown by, as we celebrate our 43rd Wedding Anniversary on December 23rd. (1971) Now my Hubby and I are enjoying our Golden Years and joyfully celebrate our Children and Grand Children.  Yes, my trials in life have changed a bit over the years.  But I find God’s Word not only continues to give instruction and correction, but also much encouragement. You see…God’s Word is alive!!!  That’s why they call it the “Living Word”!!  It is new and fresh each morning and year after year it continues to uplift and sustain me!!

So are you lonely, afraid, discouraged, let me ask you…” Where do you turn for comfort and encouragement?   I encourage you to trust in God’s unchanging hand to work wonders on your behalf!  Open the Bible, you will find His Word is steeped in love and forgiveness!!!  It brings calm assurance, Strength and Joy for today and shines a bright hope for all your tomorrows!

Especially to those who are hurting…Right now pick up your BIBLE!!!  The Words of God are living and vital, His Word is steadfast, never changing!  HIS promises hold for an eternity!  I pray you too will experience “JESUS”… His Name is “LIFE”!! HE as the Bread of Life, the Living Water, the very LIFE to your soul!!!  HE waits for you with open arms and promises to never abandon the works of His hands!!

Written by:   Sandy Blaser, Healing Rain to the Nations