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Monthly Archives: December 2013


The Perfect Tree

Written by:  Sandy Blaser, Healing Rain to the Nations

I have many beautiful memories of my Brother and I spending hours wading through the snow with a strong determination of finding the perfect Tree.

After we found just the right one, we hitched up “Trigger” our old horse, then went back to the woods and cut the Tree down and hauled it to the house on the old horses’ back.

Momma always had a big pot of steaming Hot Chocolate waiting on the old Wood Stove to warm up these two frozen kids!  It was my Daddy’s job to get that Cedar Tree trimmed and into the house.  Now I could never figure out how that tree could look so small out there in the woods and be so huge when we tried to get through the front door!!  I’m positive that Cedar Tree grew another couple feet after we cut it!! *:o)

Daddy got the ole hand-saw and would generally cut at least 2-feet off in order to get the Tree into the house.  I can still hear Daddy giggling as he looked at me and said…”Why didn’t you get a bigger one Sis”??!!

Written by:  Sandy Blaser, Healing Rain to the Nations