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Vintage Christmas Gods Love Title

JOY of Giving

written by: Sandy Blaser, Healing Rain to the Nations

What a wonderful world this would be if we all shared more of what we have with those who have not. Sharing is not just about giving money or assets to a charity or church. Sharing is caring deeply from the heart. It’s about reaching out to others, giving your time, ideas, wisdom and resources to help meet a need or simply bless others. Sharing is something you do unconditionally, without the expectation of receiving anything in return. However, you will probably find that the more you share, the more abundance somehow comes back to you in some other way.

For the Word says…”Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” (Luke 6:38)

I encourage you to open your eyes and your heart and allow the Lord to lead you. Rather it’s bag of groceries or a plate of cookies, sharing your clothes or offering to help, paying a Bill or buying a hamburger or coffee…Whatever the Lord puts on your heart, do it with love and then expect absolutely nothing in return! Demonstrating the compassion and love of Christ brings so much jOy to the heart. I promise, you will be amazingly surprised at how you are actually the one who’s blessed! I pray you will enjoy the spirit of “giving” this Christmas Season and all throughout the year! Enjoy this beautiful song challenging you to let your light shine!  God Bless!


Go Light Your World Video by Chris Rice Music Video

2 Corin12.9

His Grace is Sufficient

~Healing Rain to the Nations

Whatever situation I may be facing today, I know in my heart that God’s GRACE is sufficient! In all my weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. I have learned to rely upon the Lord…”For when I am weak, HE is strong”. It’s in Christ I find my Hope, my strength and the Grace to face another day.

So when your world is crumbling apart and you just can’t go on, remember…God’s Word says…

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  (2 Corin 12:9)

Almighty God is the only one that can satisfy a weary soul!  Look to Jesus for He is so very faithful and True!!  HE sees you. HE knows you. HE loves you!!!

May you be blessed by this beautiful song….


His Grace Is Sufficient For Me


God’s Point of View

written by: Sandy Blaser, Healing Rain to the Nations

One of the most awesome moments was when I was flying into Portland on a beautiful clear, sunny day. The Pilot announced that it was the clearest he has ever flown. All along the flight He proceeded to point out snow covered mountain’s peaks to the north and to the south. Wow, so amazing! This began to trigger my brain to thinking of how God view’s my own life….

Did you know God has an omniscient, omnipotent view of our lives as believers! Nothing is hidden, He sees all, He knows all! He is aware of every detail of our lives from birth (even before we were conceived) until death! Since God knows every detail of our past, our present and our future so very well, surely I should rely upon Him in every event in my life! Surely without a doubt I can fully trust Him with every moment of my life.

God is an all-seeing, all-knowing God and we can rely upon His strength and wisdom as we face life’s challenges and obstacles! Wow, that means we are not limited by our own strength and wisdom…Thank you Lord!! The Lord has given us the scriptures to help us in making wise decisions from His viewpoint. When we are hemmed in by our circumstances and can’t see from all the fog, we can seek God prayerfully and regularly spend time in His Word which will enables us to break thorough the barriers of life with His insight!!

So rejoice my Friend…even tho sometimes it may feel you are all alone….God knows every detail of your life, He cares and He Loves you with an everlasting Love!! What may seem like an ordinary event or even a disaster in your life…rest assured, God will use all the good and not so good for His Divine Purpose! Trust Him, He will make something beautiful out of your life!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

The McKamey’s – Shepherd’s Point Of View


Ice Skating on the Pond

written by: Sandy Blaser, Healing Rain to the Nations

On this chilly morning I set bundled in a blanket watching the flames dance in the fireplace. My mind begin’s to drift through the pages of yesteryear’s.…

I can just hear my sweet Daddy’s voice of excitement waking me up for School…”Sis, it won’t be long till the ice on the pond is thick enough to Skate!”

As snowflakes began to fill the air, us kids would keep a watchful eye on the ole thermometer hangin’ on the front porch. When temps began dropping towards “0″, and winds got bitter cold, we knew it wouldn’t be long. Daddy would never let us kids on the pond until the ice was a certain thickness. Every morning Dad had to chop a waterhole for the cows, therefore he kept close watch on the thickness of the ice. Then came the moment we had been waiting for… the big “OK, Let’s Skate”!!

Sometimes Mom and Dad and even our old dog would join us kids!  We had no skates, but I had the next best thing…a pair of old black and white Saddle Oxford’s.  Them leather sole’s were mighty slick! 

As the giggles rang throughout the Holler, the ole Cows gathered around in curiosity!  Oh what plain simple fun we had together there on that ole Pond.  For those moments in time, worries and concerns were left at the pond-bank as the air was filled with jOy and laughter and oh yes, even a few snowball’s!!

We skated till our fingers and toes we’re frozen numb. Then we headed to the old farmhouse where Momma’s steaming hot chocolate and a warm fire was awaiting us. Oh yes, I remember how bad the frozen fingers and toes hurt as they began to warm up! But oh…it was so worth it!! I will forever cherish my Family and all the sweet memories of the simple-life, growing up in the Holler!!

Jesus was the center of our Family life.  We depended upon the Lord for everything.  Below is a Favorite song our Family loved to sing together.  Come on and Lift you voice and rejOice!….Enjoy this beautiful old Gospel Song that was very much a part of my wonderful life in the Holler!   Be blessed!  ~San, Healing Rain to the Nations

HRN Psalm 65.8

Experiencing God

written by: San, Healing Rain to the Nations

What magnificent beauty our God has created for us to enjoy!!! Pause for just a moment….See the beautiful formation of the clouds as they drift over the jagged Coastal shoreline. See the glistening of sun-rays dancing across the white capped waves. Feel the foaming waves of cool water washing over your feet, as treasures of the deep are washed ashore. Feel the sand between your toes & a cool gentle breeze blowing through your hair! Now listen closely…hear the roaring of the waves & the cry of Seagulls!! You have just experienced HIM!! The whole earth is filled with HIS Magnificent GLORY & Beauty!!

 The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy. (Psalm 65:8)

Just outside your door awaits a world of beauty. Take a leisurely walk and enjoy the morning sunshine or maybe a moonlight stroll in the evening dew. Take note of what you see, hear and feel as God begins revealing Himself through nature. Clear your mind and set your thoughts toward Heaven! Relax, fill your heart with song as you rest in His presence. Take time to experience the JOY & the WONDER of knowing HIM!!

Depending upon where you are at in this big beautiful world…”Good Day/Good Night my Friends”!


Chris Tomlin ~ I Stand In Awe (Lyrics) ft. Nicole Serrano