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Running to You

✿.¸¸.♫•*♪✲•*`♫*• O Lord, You are amazing!  You are a Great God of Wonder!  The vasts Universe declares Your majesty, The Heavens declare the Glory of God,…and yet You hold my life in the palm of your powerful hand!  I feel so very small in comparison. But then I stop and think about the fact that even with all You have created, yet You care for me and You loved me enough to give Your only son Jesus. so that I could have redemption. Wow Lord, You amaze me!!    With all my heart and soul I worship and adore you…Oh God YOU alone are Holy, Powerful, Righteous!!!  Glory to the Lord of all Heaven and Earth!!  With a heart full of adoration I come running to you!

Enjoy this beautiful song below! ~San, Healing Rain to the Nations✿.¸¸.♫♫*•


God of Wonders — by Third Day


HRN Morning Lord



Good Morning Lord!!

May this be the beginning of a perfect day!!  May you be aware of HIS presence energizing you as you go about your daily task.  And always remember…if your day is saturated with Prayer, things just go a little bit smoother!!  Now have yourself a glorious day!!

~San, Healing Rain to the Nations

HRN glimpse

Have You Seen Him??


Written by: Sandy Blaser, Healing Rain to the Nations

(Inspired by “GOD CAME NEAR” Author, Max Lucado)

Some people suffer from a form of “blindness”.  Think about it…One can live in a Garden, but never focus on the beauty of a flower.  You can live near a beautiful site all your life & never really realize the grandeur.  You can spend a lifetime with a person and yet, never look into their soul.  And also a person can be all that goodness calls him to be, yet never see the Author of Life!

Being religious, honest and moral, doesn’t necessarily mean we will see HIM!!  We may get a glimpse of Him through others eyes, their experiences, their words, we may think we have seen HIM, but yet until we ourselves have been given our own sight, it’s as if we are gazing through a hazy glass window.

Have you seen HIM?  Do YOU know HIM??  Have you caught a glimpse of HIS Majesty? Has it been a while since you met with HIM?  Is your faith shaky?  Do you feel as if you do not have the strength to face your problems?  Perhaps your vision of the LORD has been blurred.  Just as Thomas, may we bow and lay our faces at HIS nail pierced feet & declare…”My Lord, My God”!!  One glimpse of the KING can change your life …forever!

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His Glory, …full of Grace & Truth”.  John 1:14


Michael W. Smith – “Open the Eyes of my Heart”