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“By My Spirit”

Zechariah 4:6

Let the church of the Living God Arise!!!  O Lord, stir up & awaken the Spirit within your people!  Set our hearts a blaze, radiating Your love & power as a shining Beacon of Light into this darken world!  Let your fresh oil & new wine flow over our lives!

For such a time a this…May we arise with courage and boldness as instruments of power, covered by your Divine Grace!!!  Equipped with your Gospel, as chosen Mighty Warriors of the Cross, let us radiantly arise, displaying Your awesomeness & Glory!  And as we march forth into this land, may You O Lord, protect & prevent any human power form from extinguishing the Light & the Truth from going forth!!  For nothing is too hard or impossible for those who come in the Mighty Name of JESUS!

Therefore we place our faith & trust in you O Lord, to remove the mountains, to make our way smooth & straight!  As we faithfully arise to our rightful place, may You O Lord, bring forth the Light of Divine Revelation to the heart, mind & soul of all men!!!  For…Not by might, Not by Power, but by my spirit sayeth the Lord!!  (Zechariah 4:6)  All for the Glory & Honor to JESUS CHIRST our KING!  To Him be glorified!! (Enjoy the beautiful song below)

~Sandy Blaser, Healing Rain to the Nations


“By My Spirit”
- Words & Music originally by Leslie Phillips, 1984.

Not by might, Not by power

But by my spirit says the Lord (repeat)


Sometimes fears can hide your vision

The loss of purpose chains you down

You think I’ve forgotten all you’re dreaming of

But how could I forget the one I love?


I can see your heart is tired

And your courage has worn thin

You wonder how long you will have to hang on

But when My love comes in, you’ll be strong again


These mountains shall be removed

I’ll build My temple in you

And what I’ve promised shall be done


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